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Ирина Рубан Турагент
Спросила 02 августа 2017 в 16:35
Автор выбрал приватный тип вопроса

dolly2025 Турист
Спросила 12 июля 2017 в 23:26
Автор выбрал приватный тип вопроса

polyakofffvaleriy Турист
Спросил 24 января 2016 в 18:56
Good afternoon! The room has a free safe, fridge and wi-fi?
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Помощник TopHotels
Ответили 25 января 2016 в 21:05
Dear guests!Thank you for contacting us. Please be informed that we provide a free safe box, fridge and wi-fi inside the room. Best regards, TopHotels.ru (the answer is provided by Front Office Department of Clipper).
Рамиля Салимова Турагент
Спросил 04 августа 2014 в 22:11
Queridos colegas, que habían reservado y pagado a la aplicación operador turístico laberinto 11550856 turistas MR KOVALEV IVAN editar 03/02/1989 72 1105490,
MR KOVALEV SERGUÉI 11/24/1984 64 1138124, es el anfitrión y que quiere saber acerca de esta armadura o no pagado por alojamiento en un hotel CLIPPER 09.08.2014-15.08.2014 habitación estándar 2ADL, BB
Los turistas pueden volar o no con muchas ganas de una respuesta, gracias por adelantado. con respeto: el director de la agencia de viajes Salimova Ramil teléfono +79610500908

Dear colleagues, we had booked and paid to the tour operator application maze 11550856 tourists MR KOVALEV IVAN edit 03.02.1989 72 1105490,
MR KOVALEV SERGEY 24.11.1984 64 1138124, you are the host and we want to know about this armor or not paid for hotel accommodation CLIPPER 09.08.2014-15.08.2014 standard room 2ADL, BB
Tourists can fly or not really looking forward to an answer, thanks in advance. with respect: director of travel agency Salimova Ramil phone +79610500908
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Помощник TopHotels
Ответили 08 августа 2014 в 00:26
Dear Guest, good day. Thank you for contacting our hotel. In response to your inquiry sorry to inform that the reservation for KOVALEV IVAN and KOVALEV SERGEY was declined due to the problems of operator "Labyrinth". Trusting to have been of service.
Best wishes, TopHotel Helper (the answer was provided by Reservation Department of the hotel Clipper).