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Александр Турист
Спросил 02 августа 2016 в 11:21

Hello. I plan to come to rest in your hotel from 27.08.2016 on 09.07.2016 . with a child 3 years . Water slides operate during this period? Tell me whether there is a shuttle to the beach ? How often a shuttle ? Shuttle Service free ? How far is the hotel from the beach ? Is it possible to get to the beach walk with a pram ?
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Помощник TopHotels
Ответили 18 августа 2016 в 00:30
Good day, thank you for contacting our hotel. In response to your inquiry informing that the hotel locates 1km. from the beach, you'll be able to get the beach with the baby-stroller, the hotel provides free transfer to the beach throughout the day. Water slides functions the whole season. The answer was provided by the Reception Department of the Roc Marbella Park Hotel.
Мария Морозова Турагент
Спросила 02 октября 2015 в 16:59
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