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Конференции и банкеты

Конференц зал

Tunisian people even say that life is nice and peaceful in this town and its inhabitants have the reputation to be friendly and calm and attached to their traditions, especially in the ceremonies of weddings.

Бары и рестораны

Restaurant International

Situated on a shady and calm terrace, the Restaurant International offers a traditional Carte with some Tunisian specialties. If you want to spend a different evening, try our à la carte restaurant: you will be surprised by the quality of its cuisine and the excellence of its service.
Open every day from 19.00 to 22.00

Рыбный ресторан

Just a few steps from the Sea and from the swimming pool, our Fish Restaurant is proud to give the chance to our guests to taste an authentic and local cuisine based upon the fish You know what?
People from Mahdia have the reputation to be the best when it is question of cooking fish Beautiful shady terrace, excellent service and Tunisian wine card.
Open every day from May to October, from 12.00 to 17.00

Для детей

Детский Клуб

Brand new, our Kids' Club is welcoming kids between 4 an 10 years old.
With a beautiful grassed games area, the Kids' Club is open every day from 9.30am to 12.30pm and from 2pm to 6pm.
Animated by attentive and professional staff, the children always appreciate their kids' Club where they can find a whole panel of activities adapted to their age.
Every day, round 4pm, children's teas are served with plenty of goodies...

Детский Клуб

On a nice lawn overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, our Kid's Club is open every day from 9.30 to 12.30 and from 14.00 to 18.00. (For children aged from 4 to 10). The Club is animated by professional staff knowing how to look after and take care of your children who will love their afternoon snacks, every day at 4pm.

Спорт и развлечения

Аква Парк

The water kingdom got now its name : it's called Thalassa Sousse Aquapark... It has opened at the end of May 2013 and its opening is considered in Sousse as one of the most important events since several years... It is the largest aqualand in Tunisia !

The concept is unique in Tunisia ! The Thalassa Sousse Aquapark is already very much appreciated by Tunisians and Tourists staying at the Thalassa Sousse Hotel. The Aquapark is located in the magnificent park of the hotel (Thalassa Sousse belongs to the Thalassa Hotels Group) and is renowned to be a "propeller of sensations and unique emotions" thanks to its colorful and funny slides in which you slide down at high speed !

The children have their own space, the Kid's Play and Fun, a very joyful world that has been especially designed for them... They love it !

The adults have the choice between Blackhole (height 10m and length 100m), Up Hill Flying Boats (height 10m et length 55m), Wave Slide (height 10m et area 500 x 3000), Twisters (height 9m20 et length 53m), Tunnel Freewall (height 12m and length 53m), le Kamikaze (height 12m and length 47m), Tsunami height de 11m, le Freefall (height 12m and length 47m), Up-Hill Blackhole (height 12m and length 11.45m), Rafting Slide (height 10m and length 100m), Turbolance (height 11m and length 55m) and Space Hole height 12m50 and length 72m with bowl !

If you are hungry, the theme restaurants will welcome you all day long : Italian, Thai, Lebanese, Tunisian... All the cuisines of the world are offered to you in the surroundings of Thalassa Sousse Hotel... Same for the bars located everywhere in the hotel space...

The Thalassa Sousse Aquapark is full of funs and thrills... but is also relaxing all year round... So, besides the omnipresent Tunisian sun, the magnificent beach, the transparent waters, the day and night hotel entertainment, please add to your holiday's agenda the sensations and the pleasures of our colorful slides... The Aquapark is open every day from 10am till 5pm.


You love action, you love sport We get everything ready for you: tennis, table tennis, mini-golf, water-polo or basket-polo But you can also have good time playing darts, snooker; and try the French bowl game, the pétanque
Apart from all these activities, your day is always marked by friendly meetings with our entertainment teams: aperitif games, sand castles competitions for the kids, mini-discos for the children, oriental dance courses, Arabic language teaching courses